The under signed do here by confirms and declares that I am completed 18 yrs of age and the prescribed from overleaf by me is true and correct to the best of my personal knowledge, belief and information. I understand that purchase of promotional product, as listed on the website, for the amount of the packages provided by company will make me eligible for a relationship as the Independent Business Distributor (for short IBD) with the company. I understand that my IBD relationship cannot be transferred sold, assigned to any person. I am responsible to pay all my taxes relating to and arising out of the scale transactions of the said product, from time to the and the company will not be responsible the same. I have no objection and agree to the company deduction taxes at sources from my weekly/monthly/annual payments as prescribe under the Income Tax Act 1961 or pay same as prescribed under any other law for the time being in force of any subsequent modification thereof. I say that I have read and understood fully the terms and conditions mentioned on the reserve side of this form and I abide and agree with the same. I further fully understand the company may update, modify or amend from time to time those terms and conditions which will also be binding on me (show on the company’s website). My sponsor has already supplied a copy of the same to me.


  1. The applicant shall act as an Independent Business Distributor, here in after referred to as ‘’IBD’’ for HIMANGINI WELLNESS PVT. LTD. Here in after referred to as the said ‘’Company’’.
  2. The applicant must be a major (18 years) as at the date of application in order to be eligible to become an IBD of the said company, and be competent to sign this agreement.
  3. The applicant shall fill in the form overleaf fully and properly and duly signed by the applicant.
  4. The said company has the option to reject any Application without assigning any reasons for the same the decision of the said company will be final and binding on applicant. The duly completed Application From may constitute an IBD Agreement with the Company – HIMANGINI WELLNESS PVT. LTD.
  5. The company will make all payment on account of commission and/or incentives through account payee after deduction of all applicable taxes, fees and statutory requirements as per law.
  6. The company shall as and when required at its option and sole discretion amend the Rules, Regulation, Policies & Procedures and Terms & Conditions of this Business Relationship and shall notify and amendments, alterations, deletions or additions by updating in the Rule Book and /or its website. It is the IBD’s responsibility to keep track of the same.
  7. Upon acceptance of mutual Terms & Conditions herein HIMANGINI WELLNESS PVT. LTD. Called the company and the applicant here in after referred to as Distributor (ID), agree as follows.
  8. The applicant is states that he/she is lawfully competent to apply and enters into the agreement with the company with full understanding that the company has right to accept or reject this application without assigning any reason.
  9. The applicant is states that he/she is only acting as an independent Distributor of the company and not an employee, agent or legal representative of the company and not entitled to any benefits, remedies that may be available for employee or agents of legal representatives of the company. He / She shall not solicit or sponsor employees of the company as a distributor.
  10. He/ She shall not introduce and/ or sell any product or services not approved by THE COMPANY through THE COMPANY’S network of distributors.
  11. The company may cancel the distributorship without any notice in the circumstances explained, or under such other circumstances which will be against interests of the company
  12. If the Distributor undertakes, conducts or performs other similar business activities.
  13. If the Distributor or anyone is engaging in any activities such as insinuation speeches, de-motivation the interest of the consumer or other distributor which will be detrimental to the welfare, reputation or business growth of the company.
  14. If the distributor is found cross sponsoring or cross recruiting the distributors by any mode, definition method which will damage the network or sales of other distributors.
  15. The Distributor is aware that if for any reason a person ceases to be a distributor such person shall not be readmitted before the lapse of a minimum period of six calendar months from the date. However such person may be readmitted at the sole discretion of the company only as a new distributor. During the discretion for the development of the company business.
  16. The Distributor may discontinue Distributorship by submitting to the Company his/her resignation in writing specifying therein the reason for such discontinuance. The Distributor shall not be entitled to seek any refund or costs whatsoever upon resignation.
  17. Once commission is paid for the sales occurred company cannot pay back the sales proceeds.
  18. The applicant agrees that only after fully satisfying and fully understanding the business concept he enters into this agreement and the applicant shall not raise any dispute or claim with the company in future with regard the business concept.
  19. Distributor will not resell HIMANGINI WELLNESS PVT. LTD. Products lower than the selling price fixed price by the company.
  20. There will be no changes in this agreement on the basis of promise, representations, guarantees or terms of any kind, unless given in writing.
  21. Distributor will agree that any future additions/ deletion/ modification to this agreement shall be binding on him/her as notified by the company.
  22. Distributor will acknowledge that he/ she read understood and agree to the terms set forth in this agreement.
  23. The jurisdiction for any disputes in DEHRADUN CITY.